4G LTE and IMS Performance Monitoring

The deployment of commercial LTE services presents a number of challenges when it comes to ensuring service delivery and Quality of Experience (QoE) for customers:

  • Varying vendor equipment and different OSS/BSS applications make it difficult to achieve end-to-end performance visibility from a single dashboardSevOne 4G LTE IMS
  • Complex network functionality  makes isolation of performance events problematic, putting service at risk
  • An exponential increase in the amount of User Equipment (UE), subscriber connections, and data traversing the network makes scalability of the monitoring system an issue
  • Large scale networks make it difficult to achieve speed of reporting, which slows troubleshooting

SevOne provides end-to-end monitoring of the 4G LTE network – from the RAN to the IMS Core – all from a single pane of glass. SevOne is able to collect non-standard EMS performance data from multiple vendors – including Alcatel Lucent, Bridgewater, Ericsson, and many more – and present those metrics in a single dashboard alongside performance KPIs collected directly from the routers, switches, servers, and firewalls in the network. This provides your business with a complete, service-oriented view of the 4G LTE network.

SevOne picks up where traditional call flow monitoring leaves off, providing a more detailed view of where individual device and network issues are impacting the data path.

SevOne technology has a proven track record, being deployed by some of the world’s largest communication service provider networks to prevent service disruption and reduce customer churn. And the SevOne Cluster™ technology ensures that scalability of the performance monitoring solution is never an issue.

4G LTE and IMS Performance Monitoring

SevOne monitors each layer of the LTE and IMS architecture for a complete and immediate view of infrastructure performance and user impact.


Unique Capabilities:

  • Monitor all of the components in the data path, including the eNodeB, eNID, PGW, SGW, MME, PCRF, CSCF, and HSS, independent of vendor or equipment type
  • Automatically baseline multi-vendor EMS performance metrics and receive proactive alerts based on deviation from “normal” behavior, before service disruption occurs
  • Report on up to a year of as-polled data for extremely granular and accurate views of performance history
  • Meet customer and traffic demands with the ability to monitor performance data, regardless of the size of the network


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