Systems Performance Management

Networks and the servers that use them have never been more interdependent, in large part because today’s complex and sophisticated online applications rely on multiple components across many different systems. Networks must accommodate the critical functions of network based servers (DNS, DHCP, gateways, etc.) as well as those of database servers, application servers, file servers, and so on.

Being able to monitor and proactively manage each of these systems and their applications is what differentiates a positive user experience from a negative one and what, ultimately, leads to business success. The list of what today’s IT staff must monitor and manage is incredibly long and complex:

  • CPU and memory
  • Systems Performance Management SoftwareThe number of instances of each process
  • The initiation and end of the DNS process
  • The amount of CPU being used by the database
  • Correlation of the Java application’s JMX or Mbean metrics with bandwidth utilization
  • Monitoring page availability, thread utilization, session state and server cache utilization for web applications
  • Discovery and identification of new virtual machines
  • Monitoring guest OSes and processes to ensure proper service levels
  • And many, many more

The Systems Performance Management solution from SevOne allows you to accomplish all those tasks, and more, with one solution on a single pane of glass. You can monitor each different system for the various types of information needed to evaluate their role in supporting your users’ online experience and your business goals.

Systems Performance Management and Network Performance Management Work Synergistically for Business Success

System performance monitoring and management from SevOne, is tightly integrated and is included with our network and applications performance management solution, giving you a holistic and real-time view end-to-end.

Unique Capabilities:

Agentless, Automatic Data Collection

  • Collects essential data automatically from your critical systems, including from any Element Management System (EMS) that individually manages them — without agents

Comparative Reporting

  • Provides network-wide reporting for quick problem isolation and resolution, utilizing dashboards that show the relationship between individual system performance indicators and the application or business metrics

Baseline Generation, Tracking and Analysis

  • Dynamically generates baselines for all data, then tracks the actual performance levels against these baselines, and proactively alerts you to problems before they can have an impact on business users

Unlimited Scalability


  • Uses patent-pending SevOne Cluster™ technology

    Systems Performance Management Software

    which provides unlimited scalability, while still delivering network-wide analysis across millions of elements within seconds


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