Performance Management Whitepapers

Our whitepapers are designed to help you gain a better understanding of relevant industry issues and how SevOne helps you address them with our network performance management solution.

10 Metrics to Monitor in the LTE Network

The deployment of LTE increases dependency on the underlying network, which must be closely monitored in order to avert service-impacting events. In addition, the rise of vendor-specific performance management platforms establishes barriers to end-to-end network visibility and hinders operational troubleshooting. The following whitepaper highlights ten critical metrics for successful monitoring of an LTE network and recommends solutions to LTE monitoring challenges.

A Guide to Ensuring Perfect VoIP Calls

Download this whitepaper to learn and understand the many interrelated components that need to be monitored to ensure your VoIP calls aren't dropped. SevOne brings together this broad VoIP performance data into a single dashboard for reporting and troubleshooting VoIP quality

Top 10 Ways IT Performance Management Improves Your Business

IT performance management solutions can improve your business' bottom line, your customers' response and your future growth in numerous ways. Download this whitepaper to learn more about how IT performance management solutions can improve your business' bottom line.

The Three Vs of Network Performance Management in the Age of Big Data

Read this whitepaper to understand what the challenges are that Big Data poses to network operations teams, and what can be done to move teams from a reactive mode to proactively managing network performance.

Complete Visibility: Converging Performance Monitoring for Advanced Services & Infrastructures

This whitepaper sponsored by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA™) reviews the demands and requirements for integrated performance management in light of current major trends and evaluates how the most recent release of SevOne’s performance monitoring solution aligns with those needs.

Ensuring Superior Quality of Experience for Enterprise IP Telephony

This whitepaper examines the challenges faced by enterprises in assessing network readiness, call quality, IP phone availability and network performance when converging voice, data and video onto a single network infrastructure.

Cisco IP SLA Application Note

Cisco IP SLAs uses active monitoring to generate traffic in a continuous, reliable, and predictable manner, enabling the measurement of network performance and health. Leveraging this technology within a network performance management system allows the operations team to utilize the network to verify performance when access to end-user response data is not available

Assuring Ethernet Backhaul Performance

This whitepaper looks at the challenges for carriers offering Ethernet backhaul in meeting the performance expectations demanded by service providers, businesses and end users, against a backdrop of exploding growth in traffic, devices and applications.

Using Speed at Scale to Ensure Performance for Financial Services

This whitepaper examines the ever-increasing need for speed at scale, proactive analysis, and higher levels of accessibility, granularity and visibility, as IT managers in the financial services, retail banking, and insurance sectors strive to ensure uptime and rapid response in business-critical and customer-facing networks.

Monitoring 4G LTE and IMS Performance at Scale

The use of multiple technologies and an exponential rise in network elements calls for a next-generation performance management platform supporting the scale, real-time visibility and rapid response demanded by wireless carriers as commercial LTE services come on-line. This whitepaper examines the challenges in achieving an end-to-end view of IMS and LTE network performance and service availability.

Using NetFlow for Real-Time Network Performance Management

This whitepaper describes the unique strengths of the SevOne NetFlow solution and its integration with SNMP monitoring for providing real-time performance management, troubleshooting, and network reporting for a fraction of the cost of a traditional packet inspection-based system.

Ten Key Factors for Selecting a Network Performance Management Solution

Selecting the right network performance management solution can be a very challenging exercise because there are many network elements to monitor and many alternative solutions from which to choose. With this in mind, here are the many key factors that organizations need to consider when selecting a network performance management solution.

The Mandate for More Effective Application Performance Management

Managing application performance is increasing in both importance and in difficulty and this presents a mandate to IT managers. That mandate is to ensure that their organization is continually getting better at managing application performance. This article also discusses the functionality that IT managers should demand be part of an application performance management tool in order for them to successfully respond to this mandate.

The Business Case to Rethink Performance

Today’s enterprise networks have evolved into highly complex systems dependent on the reliable performance of thousands of interconnected applications and devices. In the event that any one of those variables degrades or fails, the performance of the business itself is in jeopardy. While many companies are aware of the problem, they rely on tools that cannot scale to handle their entire network.