At SevOne, there is no better indicator of our success than a customer who has achieved their goals. See what our customers have to say about us:

  • "I have used many network monitoring solutions and have found SevOne to be the most reliable. It flawlessly delivers the features it says it will and when there is a support issue, it has been resolved quickly. Upgrading SevOne versions is painless and the support team makes it very easy to focus on the service we provide rather than the tool we use to provide it."

    -Matt Freeman / Operations Manager / Hawaiian Telcom

  • "Wow, so easy to add devices, get some instant charts, and then configure reports on groups of devices. So much quicker and easier than our other monitoring technology. No longer a specialists' task."

    -Martin Appleyard / Network and Security Management / Thomson Reuters

  • "SevOne has been a blessing for our network. Where we would have to wait minutes to get bandwidth graphs on our network we can now get weeks worth of data in seconds. With so many options and settings, it's easy to configure a report/graph to your liking."

    -Emill Buitrago / Advanced Network Operator/Cablevision

  • "SevOne helps us monitor our services, reducing time, and preventing network congestion. It is fully scalable and accessed by a single site."

    -Carlos Mauricio Reyes Gonzalez / Developer Engineer / Cablevision Mexico

  • "We have used SevOne for three years now and it has greatly helped my capacity team collect data, monitor many of the Lightpath networks and plan augments and migrations. This has helped us have a better-designed and managed network. With the improvements SevOne has on its roadmap, I look forward to using it more."

    -Peter Yap, Manager / Capacity Planning / Optimum Lightpath

  • "Since implementing SevOne we have been able to monitor virtually every SNMP-capable device on our network, including servers, switches, routers, and UPSs. SevOne is now an integral part of our daily operations."
    – Systems Administrator / The Delaware River & Bay Authority (DRBA)

  • "Our experience with SevOne has been excellent. They are very responsive and their product provides tremendous function for the cost."
    – Senior Network Engineer / Aramark

  • "With the SevOne product, I can collect data statistics from individual or multiple pieces of equipment or interfaces and dynamically build these views. Not only does that capability help us to meet our service level agreements to customers, but it also allows us to adjust internally to ensure we uniformly maintain our preset standards system-wide."
    – Bradley Frye / Senior Manager of Data Network Operations / Knology

  • “SevOne’s network infrastructure management solution allows for real-time monitoring of all of our clients simultaneously and consolidates that information into a single, easy-to-access pane of glass. As a result, we can be more responsive and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.”
    – David A Minkoff / Corporate Director, Operations / Xand

  • "Since deploying SevOne, we’ve seen a 50% cost reduction in administrative costs and were spared the expense of additional capital on hardware to run the software on."
    – Jay Scott / Director, Services Desks and ESM / Alere Health LLC

  • "The simplicity of the navigation and the way users can intuitively access the interface and get the data they want changes the nature of our business processes."
    – Senior Director of Network Surveillance / Comcast

  • "We are very pleased with SevOne. The granular metrics and visibility, along with constantly improving ITIL process, has helped ACS to retain and grow our customer base with very competitive cost."
    – Jimmy Brown / SVP, ITO Service Strategy and Design /Xerox Services

  • “End of month reports from eHealth took at least 2 days with no interruptions to get finished. With SevOne, the reports are finished within 20 minutes, and cause no frustration at all.”

    - Dan Dziura / Network Operations Manager